2012 editing reel

So this is my latest editing reel. Every editor, videographer and graphic artist is constantly tinkering with their reels trying to capture an insight into the artist behind the work. I think this version captures some of my enthusiasm and my sense of humor which I bring to every project I work on. I hope you enjoy it.

2012 Editing Reel from Michael Gongora on Vimeo.

“All the Wrong Faces” – trailer 1

All the Wrong Faces – Trailer 1 from Michael Gongora on Vimeo.

All the Wrong Faces is a dark romantic comedy about looking for love. It’s the story of a man who goes looking for the perfect woman and ends up in the perfect hell. This anti-lovestory follows one misfit and his descent into the sobering reality of the “perfect” woman.

Its a microbudget Independent feature film by writer/director Michael Gongora shot in New York City.

midnight of the comet

I’m a big fan of George Romero, Zombie movies and the whole apocalyptic genre. It seems to be a part of the general dogma of every religion and mankind as a whole. It is with this in mind that I started a little “post-apocalyptic” blog as a forum for thoughts and ideas about what the world would be like without a society to depend on. Its a work in progress, as most things can be, but I’m hoping this little fan site can develop a personality of its own. 🙂