Yoskippy.com was a site that I started in 2000. What is now known as a video blog this was my attempt to publish short films in what was then still a new medium. This was pre-youtube, pre-vimeo and before SQL and PHP became basic authoring tools so I had to write the whole databse myself. As well as produce the short films. I managed to publish a new short film every weekday for about six months before a total burnout. It has evolved into a link aggregator full of some of my more sever political musings. You know what they say, if you don’t do politics, politics will do you.

Habana 1999


These images were taken in 1999 throughout Habana, Cuba. This is a city frozen in 1959 and as you go from the center of town to the “‘burbs” alot of the diesel powered studebakers are replaced by people on bicycles and horse buggies. While they recently legalized cellphones and computers, for people throughout the country that have electricity or working phone lines, the Cuban government is taking great strides to be “eco-friendly”.

In a New York Minute

Shot during the “magic hour” over a million people cross the George Washington Bridge every day. Leaning over the rail to get this shot some of the traffic was merging to avoid me. While I don’t recommend that sort of risky behavior I tend to crawl, lean, climb and jump wherever I can get my shot. I really like this one.

Little Red

One of the great legacies of the Giuliani years is that he connected all the parks on the west side of Manhattan, along the Hudson river. It seems like a simple idea but no one had really made any effort to do that before him. Now there’s a park that goes from one end of Manhattan to another and at the North end, the cool part ;), you find the Little Red Lighthouse sitting underneath the Great Grey Bridge. Pretty awesome bike ride.